Meet Sari Taha, a Human Resources professional and OMERS administrator

May 01, 2015

OMERS is proud to serve members who work and support citizens in communities across Ontario – including municipal, school board and children's aid and hydro workers. Sari Taha is one of these members. He is also an OMERS administrator.

"I truly love what I do, and I'm grateful for the job that I have and the OMERS membership that my employer affords me," says Sari Taha, Acting Senior Manager of Human Resources at the Halton District School Board. Sari has worked at the school board, which serves more than 60,000 students, since 2002.

In addition to its teaching staff, who are members of the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, the Halton District School Board has about 2,000 non-teaching and support staff who are members of the OMERS Plan. 

"One of the reasons we are able to attract and retain employees is a competitive and diverse compensation package, and part of that is the stability OMERS provides," Sari says. "We take great comfort in the fact that OMERS is a pension plan that is on a solid financial footing."

Sari says that, generally, he's an engaged citizen. "Part of the motivation to be engaged with OMERS is that I understand what this pension means. I understand its importance. I understand its cost. Most importantly, I understand the dividends the Plan will pay come retirement; therefore, there's that heightened engagement with the Plan.

 "Also, the fact that I'm responsible for Plan administration adds an extra layer of engagement," Sari says. "I feel connected to the OMERS family, and the relationships I've built over the years with the OMERS team are of great value to me."   

As an administrator Sari helps with e-Form 119 annual reporting and buy-backs. He says the "support from the OMERS team throughout the 119 process has been invaluable." As far as areas of focus, he would like to see OMERS move to payroll-based reporting and improve the buy-back process which can be labour-intensive for employers. 

We will continue to partner with administrators, like Sari, to continually improve our processes and ensure our Plan is easy to administer now, and into the future.