Proxy Voting

OMERS owns shares in numerous publicly traded companies around the world. Share ownership carries with it important rights and responsibilities, including the right to vote shares at company meetings. The proxy vote is an important asset of a pension fund. OMERS has a fiduciary duty to obtain the highest returns for plan beneficiaries within acceptable risk limits. In accordance with its fiduciary duty, OMERS exercises its ownership rights by voting proxies diligently in a manner intended to optimize the long-term value of its investments.

Proxy votes in 2018

During 2018, we voted on a total of 15,664 items covering 1,584 shareholder meetings globally. In Canada, we voted on 552 items in 56 meetings. Outside of Canada, we voted on 4,027 items in the U.S. and 11,085 items outside of North America at 1,528 shareholder meetings.

Proxy voting guidelines

Learn about our proxy voting guidelines and how we are likely to vote on issues of importance.