Meeting Summary

Investment Committee - February 22, 2017

2017 Investment Committee Work Plan

The Investment Committee mandate requires the Committee to establish its Work Plan annually. The Work Plan describes how the Committee will meet its mandate obligations.

The Committee considered its Work Plan for 2017, which includes conducting an asset liability study for the Retirement Compensation Arrangement and recommending its results to the full Board in December.

The Investment Committee approved its 2017 Work Plan, which was prepared to comply with the Investment Committee Mandate, as approved by the OAC Board at its meeting held on December 15, 2016.

Disposition of Interest in Leadenhall Building

Oxford sought the approval of the Investment Committee regarding the proposed disposition of Oxford’s 50% interest in The Leadenhall Building in London (“Leadenhall”) alongside British Land as part of a 100% sale of Leadenhall to C C Land Holdings, Ltd. (“C C Land”), a Hong Kong stock exchange-listed real estate investment and development company.

Following a question and discussion period, the Investment Committee approved the sale.

In press releases issued May 25, 2017, British Land and C C Land announced CC Land’s acquisition of 100% ownership of The Leadenhall Building in London, for a total of 1.15 billion pounds from British Land and Oxford Properties.