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What Are AVCs?

The AVC option is a retirement savings and investment opportunity.

AVCs are similar in some ways to registered retirement savings arrangements, but they are part of the OMERS Primary Pension Plan (OMERS Plan). AVCs enable members to participate in the OMERS Fund.

The idea for AVCs grew from requests by members to make additional investments with OMERS. An AVC account is in addition to your OMERS pension.

Since AVCs are part of the OMERS Plan (a registered pension plan), your AVC account balance is allowed to grow tax-deferred. Automatic contributions to an AVC account are tax-deductible in the year they are made.

Who is eligible?

The AVC option is available exclusively to members of the OMERS Plan to age 70. This includes:

  • Active members

  • Retired members

  • Members who left their OMERS employer but kept their pension in the OMERS Plan (deferred members)

Want more information? Visit Are AVCs Right for You?

AVC Factsheet, AVC Guide and Terms of Participation

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AVC Fact Sheet .pdf
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AVC Guide .pdf
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Terms of Participation .pdf
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Note: The AVC option is only available to members who reside in Canada.