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The OMERS Story

Video transcription

In 1962, only 24% of municipalities in Ontario offered pensions to employees.

We were created to provide uniform benefits … regardless of age, gender occupation or location.

Setting a high and distinct standard for inclusivity.

The Plan launched with 160 employers.

By the end of the first year of operation, 311 employers had signed on.

Today, we work with 1,000 employers across the province … contributing to employees’ pensions and offering the security of a defined benefit pension plan.

Thoughtful, responsible design by our sponsors results in a sustainable plan that benefits members and employers.

Our members are almost 500,000 strong – and as diverse as this great province.

That’s more than:

1 x Wembley Stadium

4 x Rogers Centre

8 x Madison Square Garden

… combined.

They serve Ontario. And they count on us to keep the pension promise of stable income in retirement.

To keep that promise, we come together every day … in Toronto, in London, in New York, in Amsterdam, in Luxembourg, in Sydney, in Singapore and more.

We are Pension Experts, Client Service Specialists, Technology Specialists, Human Resources Professionals, Accountants, Property Managers and more.

Our investment teams around the world work together to manage billions of dollars in high-quality assets … boldly building value for the long term.

Our two Boards of Directors share a joint strategy, mapping a clear path forward.

We manage responsibly today, while building for tomorrow.

We create economic and social value in communities across Ontario through billions of dollars in annual pension payments.

We come together ... supporting charities and volunteering in our communities.

We remember the fairness and inclusivity that led to our creation.

These principles still guide us today.

Because we are one team with a singular purpose.

We believe everyone deserves a secure retirement income.

We are all OMERS.