Survivor Benefits

Survivor benefits are a key feature of the OMERS pension plan, and part of our commitment to providing a secure future for members and their survivors. Learn more below about OMERS survivor benefits, what to do when a member dies, and useful information on government benefits and support organizations.

About OMERS Survivor Pension

Find out how the OMERS survivor pension paid to the eligible spouse of a deceased OMERS member.
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How Survivor Benefits are Calculated

There are different ways OMERS survivor benefits are calculated, depending on whether death occurred before or after retirement.
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Supporting Documents Required

Access supporting documents and forms needed to complete an OMERS survivor benefit claim.
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Dealing With Loss

Find resources for dealing with the loss of a loved one.
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Government Benefits and Other Resources

Find information about government benefits and programs, seniors' organizations and community groups.
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Definitions of Terms

Familiarize yourself with terms used in the OMERS Plan to describe survivor benefits.
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