Employer Newsletter

OMERS + Employers = E-success

OMERS continually stresses the importance of our relationship with employer administrators across the province. Every year, this relationship culminates in the collection of member year-end information, which we use to produce members’ Pension Reports.

We both share a common goal: ensuring that members’ information is correctly maintained and reported. Towards that end, OMERS has e-access, our secure online administration tool, and the e-Form 119 online annual reporting process for member information. We appreciate that OMERS isn’t the only responsibility our employers deal with, so these tools were designed to make OMERS administration easier, quicker and more efficient.

What brings OMERS, our employers and these electronic tools together is our employer workshops.

Training Is Key

The annual OMERS e-access and e-Form 119 workshops are designed for new employers, but some seasoned “vets” like to go again for a refresher. We take participants through all of e-access’ features, including the e-Form 119 reporting process.

This year’s e-access/e-Form 119 workshops have been a great success, with employers providing enthusiastic feedback on how these e-tools have helped them with their administration, and how the annual training cycle helps to prepare them for the OMERS annual reporting season.

“It was great,” says Glenna Felsman, Human Resources Assistant, District of Parry Sound Social Services Administration Board, who attended the November 3 workshop in Sudbury. “We covered all aspects of e-access and the e-Form 119 process and how to use them.

“I like to go once a year for a refresher, but attending also gives me the opportunity to meet with other employer reps and to discuss each other’s administration questions and issues.”

e-Form 119 – Reporting Made Easier

We continue to hear from employers about e-access and e-Form 119 features that have made their OMERS administration easier and improved the service they provide to their members.

“I was administering OMERS before e-access, doing all our annual reporting manually, and sending information to OMERS by fax. So, I can appreciate the improvements in time, efficiency and security e-access and the e-Form 119 process bring,” adds Glenna. “Using the e-Form 119 is so much easier than paper reporting. For instance, all our member information is available on e-access, and there are validations to ensure that everything you are reporting is correct and balances.

“The other feature we appreciate is that the e-Form 119 process will calculate your members’ pension adjustments (PAs) for you if your information is reported before the end of February. So, we submit our 119 data to OMERS, OMERS calculates the PAs and then we do a membership data extract and download the PAs from e-access. We send these to our Payroll Department to prepare the T4s. It’s a great time-saver.”

e-Correspondence – Secure Communications

e-access isn’t only convenient, it’s secure. One of its key features is e-Correspondence – OMERS communications channel that enables employers to communicate member information to OMERS through a protected channel – unlike regular email.

“e-Correspondence is great for securely communicating member follow-ups, questions, etc. – anytime you need to include a member’s personal information.” Glenna says.

An added feature of e-Correspondence is that, as it is specific to employers, it ensures your questions are quickly addressed and answered, as opposed to a general mailbox, which can take time to sort through and ensure that messages get to the right person.

Working Together

As we communicated in the summer, we are continuing to strengthen our Client Services group. OMERS Client Services is now the first point of contact for OMERS administration and the e-Form 119 process.

When employers contact us, they are assisted by a knowledgeable and customer-focused representative who has instant access to OMERS systems and information. In addition, we have strengthened our employer service capability in Client Services, and employer calls are prioritized to our most experienced representatives.

“We no longer need to wait for our designated rep to be available,” says Glenna. “While I will miss that relationship, I do feel that this is a good move, which will provide faster, more efficient service.”

OMERS remains committed to our employers, with whom we share the responsibility of administering our members’ pension information. With your help and feedback, we will continue to improve the administration tools we offer and the training we provide. e-access, e-Form 119 and the associated workshops are just a few examples of this.