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Employer Monthly - December Issue

December 16, 2020

We want to start the final issue of 2020 by thanking you. This year has been like no other, and your continued partnership has helped us deliver a seamless experience for our members through challenging times.

In this issue of OMERS Employer Monthly, you’ll find tips for navigating the upcoming busy season, such as using our call-back feature, along with resources to help you through the annual reconciliation process. You’ll also find details on upcoming activity in January, including e-access outages and the delivery of your annual reports.

On behalf of the entire OMERS team, we wish you a healthy and safe end to 2020. We look forward to continuing our work together to serve our members in 2021.

Take advantage of our call-back feature

We know that the first quarter of the year is extremely busy. That’s why we’d like to remind you of a convenient tool you can use when contacting Employer Services. We strive to answer all of your phone calls in a timely manner. If you do encounter long wait times, try taking advantage of our call-back feature. By using this option, you’ll keep your place in the phone queue and the next available representative will return your call as soon as possible. Simply leave your first name and extension (if applicable) when prompted. You could also communicate securely with us through e-correspondence.

Electing to purchase a leave period

We’d also like to remind you that funds for leave periods with an expiry date of December 31, 2020 should be included with your December remittance.

Additionally, it’s very important to use the correct election date when reporting a leave period election, because the date determines how the leave is treated. For more information, please see Reporting a PA for a leave period in the Employer Administration Manual.

Receiving annual reports

In late January, your organization’s annual reconciliation lead will receive the following reports:

  • Disability Report

  • Members Approaching Age 71

  • Annual Statement of Payment Remittances

These reports are intended to help with your OMERS administration and will be securely delivered through e-Correspondence in the new portal. An email notification will be sent to the annual reconciliation lead when the report is available. While the notification will be sent to the annual reconciliation lead, the reports will be viewable by all financial e-access users at your organization.

Upcoming e-access outages in January

To complete updates to our internal systems, e-access will be unavailable during the following period:

Start: Saturday, January 23, 2021 at 5:30 a.m.
End: Sunday, January 24, 2021 at 12:30 p.m.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Preparing for your annual reconciliation

As we are set to begin another annual reconciliation cycle, remember that there are many training options and resources available. Whether you want to learn at your own pace with an e-Learning module or sign up for a webinar to ask questions of our Education & Training team, there are plenty of topics to choose from. Visit the Annual Reconciliation (e-Form 119) page for details.

This year, you’ll also have the option to use the new e-access system to process your e-Form 119. You can find more information on using the system at our e-access Information Portal.

Tell us about your experience

We recently reached out to ask for your feedback – and you still have time to respond! Tell us about a recent interaction you’ve had with OMERS or share suggestions on how we can better work together. Hearing your feedback on a regular basis is vital to improving our services.

Fill out the survey today by clicking the link below – it will only take a few minutes. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Take the survey

Holiday hours

With the holidays just around the corner, please be advised that the Employer Services phone line will be closed on the following days:

  • Thursday, December 24

  • Friday, December 25

  • Monday, December 28

  • Thursday, December 31

  • Friday, January 1

We’re here to help. Contact Employer Services:

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Phone: +1 416.350.6750
Toll-free: +1 833.884.0389

Thank you for helping us administer the Plan and deliver a wonderful experience for our members.