Investment Approach

Our in-house teams originate, execute and directly manage most of the Plan's investments on behalf of our members. This allows us to co-ordinate opportunities across our investment platforms and manage investment costs.

We use leverage prudently to enhance investment returns and expand diversification. Our scale and diversified asset classes makes us a desirable partner for other like-minded investors.

  • We invest globally, with assets diversified by asset class, geography, economic sector.
  • We diversify across types of income streams in order to earn long-term returns.
  • We target high-quality investments, which are resilient in times of economic stress.

Public Investments

Our public investments include equities, fixed income and inflation-linked bonds that are generally traded in financial markets. These investments are aimed at providing relatively steady income and/or capital growth.

Private Investments

Our private investments include private equity, infrastructure and real estate, which are held for the longer term. These holdings, specifically in infrastructure and real estate, position us to generate strong returns and consistent cash flows with more stable valuations compared to most public investments.