Private Equity

OMERS Private Equity manages private equity investments through direct investments in private companies and through third-party funds.

OMERS Private Equity's investment strategy focuses primarily on active direct investing whereby it holds a significant interest in investments and as such will influence the management of the investments. OMERS Private Equity intends to build on its success in Canada by actively pursuing direct investment opportunities around the world, with emphasis on North America and Europe, and continue to build a portfolio of private equity investments diversified by geographic market and industry sector.

OMERS Private Equity's investment strategy involves establishing meaningful partnerships with private companies, either directly or indirectly through international private equity funds. For active direct investments, the principal focus of our investment strategy, we look to invest in private companies that are well managed and in need of capital investment and strategic support to grow their businesses. For private equity funds, OMERS Private Equity is seeking partners with strong and reputable investment teams that have demonstrated an investment track record to expand the global reach and diversification of our active direct investments.

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