Capital Markets Investment Approach

Our public investments portfolio consists of diversified exposures to equities, fixed income and inflation-linked bonds principally managed by our Capital Markets team. This includes publicly-traded investments which are quoted on a securities exchange, fixed income securities, or assets that are routinely priced by reference to publicly-traded securities. Recognizing public investments are subject to price volatility, the goal of our public investment program is to deliver relatively steady income and/or capital growth.

Our approach involves:

  • systematic selection of high-quality investments consistent with our assessment of economic conditions; and
  • diversification across different sub-asset groups, geographies and income streams.


OMERS NI 24-101 Trade-Matching Statement

The National Instrument 24-101 Trade-Matching Statement is required by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).

"The Instrument provides a general framework in provincial securities regulation for ensuring more efficient and timely settlement processing of trades, particularly institutional trades." OSC Rules and Policies

The Instrument covers all parties involved in institutional trading (dealers, advisers, institutional investors and custodians) and requires them to:

  • establish, maintain and enforce policies and procedures for “matching” trades by the end of the day the trade was executed;
  • enter into written agreements OR exchange written statements with one another confirming that each has established these policies and procedures.

View NI 24-101 PDF File [50.3 KB]