Strategic Plan: OMERS in 2020 - Driving Plan Sustainability

In 2015, OMERS Sponsors Corporation and the OMERS Administration Corporation worked together to develop one inclusive, five-year Strategy that sets out our roadmap to 2020 and reflects our vision to make OMERS a leading model for defined benefit pension plan sustainability.

The Strategy responds to the changes that we are seeing all around us and evolving long-term trends. These changes include the fact that, on average, our Plan members are getting older, which means we have a growing number of retired members compared to active, contributing members. We also have an uncertain investment climate, with low interest rates and low growth.

We are aware of the forces at play and are prepared to address them with a Strategy that anticipates and responds to these trends. With this Strategy, we aim to achieve three objectives:

  • being fully funded by 2025 – and protecting the Plan from market volatility, within reason, with stable and predictable contribution rates and benefits levels;
  • having a 90% satisfaction rate – by providing high-quality service to members, employers and stakeholders; and
  • managing costs effectively – both our Management Expense Ratio (MER) and our Cost Per Member (CPM).

Our Strategy rests on four pillars, setting out how we will:

  • Protect our funded status using a robust approach to funding management.
  • Deliver 7-11% net annual average investment returns.
  • Continue to build quality relationships with members, employers, stakeholders and governments.
  • Evolve our capabilities and business model to deliver even better value for pension dollars.